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The is dedicated to bringing you top news on the global halal and Islamic finance industries. Our readers include halal industry practitioners, manufacturers, restaurant owners, policy-makers and other professionals looking to absorb timely information on Halal, Islamic Finance, Islamic lifestyle, modest fashion, halal cosmetics/pharmaceuticals and Muslim travel sectors of the global Islamic Economy. Our visitors come not only from Muslim-majority countries but also come to the non-Muslim world where the halal industry is gaining traction due to one reason or another. Reach these sophisticated readers with high-impact results, and expose your products and services to a wide-ranging audience of the global halal industry. These viewers are receptive to learning about halal and Shariah-compliant product and service solutions companies of any size and from any geographical location present to them.

The Halal Times recently launched one of the first-ever truly global B2B halal business matching (HBM) platform called Halal Biz, to give a voice to small to medium-sized companies operating in the global Islamic economy sectors mentioned above. Halal Biz is a business matching platform uniquely positioned to provide the necessary exposure and visibility to those companies which would like to leverage our global coverage to reach their target customers all over the world.  The HBM platform aims to be a one-stop shop where buyers and sellers gather to know one another, evaluate product and service offerings of their potential business partners, and, actually engage in trading activities which benefits both buyers and sellers in every segment of the global Islamic economy.

Halal Biz delivers the latest news and views on the halal business matching opportunities all over the world. Our target visitors include B2B marketers, company CEOs, mid-to-senior level professionals, and sales & marketing strategists all over the world. We aim to connect these engaged visitors to sales & marketing executives in other countries operating in similar Islamic economy sectors.

Your target customers from all over the world have been visiting our website to get the latest info on potential business partnership opportunities scattered all around the world. We also plan to publish info on trade show schedules in various sectors of the global Islamic economy. If you would like to reach out to these targeted global audiences, and potential business partners who are currently looking for the products and services you offer, please contact us for advertising opportunities.

The's digital-only edition presents unparalleled sponsorship and business opportunities to business owners who want to reach out to the global audience in their target industries and countries.

Please contact us for more information and pricing or fill out the following form to discuss further how we could help you reach out to potential business partners and other target audience worldwide.

The Halal Biz connects marketers sellers such as you to highly targeted audiences via:

  • Advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Market research & intelligence
  • Event sponsorship

Website Banner Ads: Specification

 Full Web Banner Ad

  • 763 x 70 pixels
  • Jpg, tiff, gif, and animated gif formats accepted
  • design assistance available
  • located at the bottom of The Halal Times main website

 Website Banner Ads: Rates

 Monthly Rates

full Web banner ad: $200

 3 Month Rates

full Web banner ad: 3 x $200 + 5% discount = $570

6 Month Rates

full Web banner ad: 6 x $200 + 10% discount = $1080


Annual Rates


full Web banner ad: 12 x $200 + 15% discount = $2040

Small Banners On the Primary Sidebars

  • 125 x 125 pixels
  • Jpg, tiff, gif, and animated gif formats accepted
  • design assistance available
  • located at the right side primary sidebar

 Website Banner Ads: Rates

 Monthly Rates

Primary sidebar banner ad: $100

 3 Month Rates

Primary sidebar banner ad: 3 x $100 + 5% discount = $285

6 Month Rates

Primary sidebar banner ad: 6 x $100 + 10% discount = $540

Annual Rates

Primary sidebar banner ad: 12 x $100 + 15% discount = $1020

Please let us know if you are interested in getting your banner to get a space on our website.  To discuss the issues further, please fill out the following form.




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