Are You Taking Advantage Of The Ever-Expanding Global halal Industry?

Are you taking advantage of the ever-expanding global halal industry? We are overwhelmed by the news coverage about the business opportunities in the global halal industry every single day.
As we are the top newspaper covering the global halal, modest fashion, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and Islamic finance sectors of the global Islamic economy, we get information about a lot of trade shows, seminars, halal expos, conferences, and summits all the time. Hardly a day goes by without something important happening in the global halal industry. 
However, the problem is that, in most of the situations mentioned above, only bigger players are taking advantage of the countless number of business opportunities in the halal industry.  The reason these bigger companies are reaping the benefits of the expanding halal business opportunities in the industry is that they already have the following inherent advantages which smaller players seem to lack.
  1. They have strong connections in the halal industry
  2. They have more brand name recognition than smaller players have
  3. Their websites and other marketing materials are more professional looking
  4. They attend lots of trade shows and other halal industry events to meet with potential business partners
  5. Potential customers already recognize the names of bigger players in the industry for business matchmaking purposes
In our opinion, the number one reason, small players in the halal industry are not expanding fast enough is that they are not visible enough in the global halal market.  They need to be more aggressive in spreading the word about their company and their product(s) and services.
How can you become more recognized in the global halal industry?
  1. Attend relevant trade shows/halal industry events to meet with potential business partners from different countries
  2. Spread news about your company and your products and services
  3. Get your brand name recognized all over the world by advertising your company on the major halal business matching platforms such as ours. These websites attract a large number of potential buyers from different countries.

How Can We Help You?

  1. The Halal Times can help you compete with larger players in various sectors of the global halal industry by providing the following services.
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What Will The Halal Times Do For You?

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