The Halal Times Launches HT Brand Studio

The Halal Times has launched an exclusive HT Brand Studio service for companies operating in halal food, Islamic finance, modest fashion, halal tourism, halal cosmetics/healthcare sectors of the global Islamic economy.  We create brand content and experiences that reach a diverse audience from 90+ countries.  Our readers include halal industry practitioners, manufacturers, restaurant owners, policy-makers and other business professionals looking to absorb timely information on the above-mentioned sectors of the global Islamic economy.
Thanks to the phenomenal growth in global Islamic economy over the past two decades, halal has become a universal force to reckon with.  The Halal Times helps you reach these sophisticated readers with high-impact results and expose your products and services to a wide-ranging audience of the global Halal industry.
The Halal Times` HT Brand Studio aims to profile companies operating in the global Islamic economy and review their products and services to improve their visibility online. This will help them reach their target audience comprising highly-engaged global halal industry professionals and exporters/importers of these products and services all over the world.  
The HT Brand Studio Three-Tier service consists of creating, connecting and amplifying content about your company if you are operating in any of the global Islamic economy sectors mentioned above.
The Halal Times` experienced staff plans to produce content for our partner companies operating in the global Islamic economy after thoroughly researching their brand objectives in the short-to-long term.
After producing the required content, The Halal Times will publish the same on our platform which boasts its readership from 90+ countries.
As a logical next step, The Halal Times will distribute the branding content for our partner companies via its growing social media and email marketing channels spanning the audience from diverse backgrounds all over the world.
The Halal Times will act as an influencer to help you spread the word out to your target audience. We will discuss your brand in our content. These mentions will help you reach a large and growing community of Muslim business professionals all over the world.

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