Malaysian Beauty Manufacturer Gears Up To Tackle Surging Demand For Halal Beauty Products

To cater to the growing needs of Muslims for quality halal cosmetics and beauty products globally, manufacturers in the industry have developed halal skincare and body-care products such as body lotion, shower gel, creams, lipsticks, and shampoos, etc. These manufacturers are outspoken, know the industry from the inside and outside, and, above all, have proved to be formidable competitors in the global halal cosmetics industry.  They come from different countries and they have to vary halal beauty products serving different markets around the world.  However, one thing seems to bind them together. Vanity Cosmeceuticals from Malaysia is one such manufacturer of halal beauty products.

Following is a link to the article we wanted to present to you about the surging demand for such products and, how this Malaysian halal beauty manufacturer has been gearing up to tackle the demand for halal beauty products globally.

Malaysian-based halal cosmetics company Vanity Cosmeceuticals is preparing itself to handle the rising demand for its Cosmoderm brand products at home and abroad. The link to the article is as follows.

Cosmoderm, A Halal Manufacturer In The Beauty Industry

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