Top 10 Halal Businesses You Can Start Right Now

Top 10 Halal businesses you can start right now. This statement looks pretty bold especially considering the seemingly insurmountable challenges all kinds of businesses face these days even after spending millions of dollars on marketing etc.  The present article assumes that you have little to no money to start any of the below-mentioned business. However, please remember you need to have plenty of energy and unsatiable desire to succeed in your halal business.   The path to success is not going to be an easy one.
Let us start exploring various business ideas related to the halal industry which do not require seed money to start with.

Top 10 Halal Businesses You Can Start Right Now

1- Open An Online Halal Food Store

Establish a business partnership with any brick and mortar halal food store nearby and start selling their products for a commission. You could also this list up these halal products on your website, find targeted customers, get orders from these customers and ship the products after receiving money from them

2- Become a Blogger On Topics Related To Global Islamic Economy

If you know how to write well you may start a blog to discuss topics of global Islamic economy sectors such as modest fashion, Islamic Finance, Halal Travel. Create engaging content which attracts interested visitors and you will start getting traffic to monetize relatively easily.

3- Start Teaching Quran (online or off-line) to Kids

If you know how to recite the Quran properly and beautifully, this business idea could be for you for a grab. Just start offering online and offline classes to teach the Quran to kids and adults as the need may arise.

4- Start Selling Hijab, Modest Clothes Online

My wife actually does it via Facebook. You just need to contact a Hijab manufacturer in China or in any other country of your interest, select the hijabs you would like to offer to your customers, place an order with the manufacturer and start offering this hijab to your customers in your country and globally (depending on whether your customers are willing to pay the shipping costs to dispatch hijabs and other clothes from your country to their destinations.

5- Set Up A Hajj/Umrah Travel Agency

You may need some experience to actually start a travel business. But, after getting the basics right and establishing partnerships with other travel service providers, you could start your Hajj/Umrah travel agency almost immediately.

6- Become A Modest Fashion Designer

The modest fashion industry is huge.  It is currently a US$270 billion strong industry. Why not become a modest fashion designer if you have a good eye for fashion designing and actually can deliver it.

7- Provide a Halal Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

If you have an extra bed that you can rent out to strangers, you may want to offer it via Airbnb. However, it all depends on where you live and whether the city or area you are living in is popular among tourists.Top 10 Halal Businesses You Can Start Right Now

8- Promote Other Companies/Businesses By Making an Online Business Directory

If you know-how to design and develop a website and actually promote them online, you could develop an online business directory and promote

9- Become A Make-up Artist If You Are A Woman

If you are a woman and have a knack for ladies make-up, you may start a business, promote it via Facebook and offer make-up services to young ladies in your area in their homes or at your place if you have enough space to do so.

10- Offer Hijama Services

The last few years have seen a surge in the demand for Hijama service. Hijama is a Prophetic Sunnah and there are quite a few places which offer professional courses on Hijama. Become a trained professional and you will be in high demand to offer the service.

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