Top 5 Ways For Turkish Confectionery Companies To Beat Larger Brands Globally

Turkey has been a net exporter of confectionery products to the world for a long time. Turkish Confectionery Promotion Group has taken up the target of exporting US$10 billion by the year 2023.  It is an ambitious target. However, based on their past successes, hopefully, they will be able to achieve this goal too. But, how to accomplish this objective? The answer to this question depends on their marketing efforts, production processes, quality control, and, of course, their branding prowess. All these factors will play an important role in achieving this ambitious goal.

In the following study, we plan to discuss how Turkish confectionary manufacturers can beat their larger rivals in the global markets.  Here are the top 5 ways these companies can beat the competition. These recommendations may apply to any industry and by any company anywhere in the world.

The newly coined concept of `DelightLand` has been helping Turkey to position itself as the land of sweets. However, the confectionery manufacturers in the country have to do much more than that to unseat their global rivals.

The most important purpose of marketing activities in any industry is to get your customer to choose you as their preferred choice no matter what the price may be. Let us dig deeper into this issue.

Top 5 Ways For Turkish Confectionery Companies To Beat Larger Brands Globally

Focus On Getting Selected By Your Customer All The Time

You, as a confectionery business, must focus on getting selected by your customers all the time. It may be easier said than done. However, the most important thing in business, as you may all know is, that you need to give exemplary service to your target customers no matter what. Thoroughly understand all the elements of customer service and then implement them at every step of the way.  You may want to study how Japanese companies provide fanatic customer service to get a larger share of their chosen markets. They have been successful in doing so time and again in every single industry, they have stepped in. We may write a detailed blog post on the customer service techniques being implemented by top Japanese brands in the coming weeks.

Be Clear About What Your Brand Stands For And Then Fulfil The Promise

What do you want your customers to remember about your brand? Do you process your orders quickly? Do you handle your customer concerns at all times? You need to provide a cohesive message to your customer so that they know what you stand for in terms of branding.

Do Not Try To Sell To Everyone

This piece of advice may seem counter-intuitive. But it is a fact that you can not satisfy everyone due to varying tastes, or cultural issues.  Focus on winning the hearts of your satisfied customers.  Listen to your regular customers and resolve any genuine issues they may have. Delight them by offering the tastes they like and the wrappings they want.

Focus on what is important to your customer and then leave the rest

Try to understand what they think you should improve to make your offering more memorable. To do so, conduct an online or offline survey(s) in your target markets. Be Always on the look on how to bring more value to the customer

Continuously Improve your purchasing process

If you are an online store, display your contact information clearly, add buy buttons in multiple places on the site. Make the purchasing process as easy as possible.  Have your target users test your purchasing process in multiple markets to see which keywords trigger them the most and where they find stumbling blocks. You, as the website owner, are too close to make an impartial judgment. So, use your real customers to tell you which elements of the site are working and which ones are not. 

Speak out to Millennials In Your Marketing Messages

Focus on the markets which have growing populations. Specifically, prepare marketing messages to appeal to millennials in these markets. This will help you grow your exports in these markets in the years to come. 

Hopefully, the above recommendations can help you improve your branding efforts to achieve export targets. We invite our readers to give their feedback on the all-important issue of branding their confectionery companies need to improve to get a larger share of the international markets they serve. Please feel free to give your comments at

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