Why Is Halal Business Matching Important?

Why is halal business matching important for the industry players? Why fostering business relationships among the halal entrepreneurs globally is necessary? How do companies and people operating in various Islamic economy sectors can find one another? What is the best way to do so? How can we take the global halal industry to the next level? What can be done to facilitate business activities among potential business partners in the global Islamic economy? How do they know one another and how do they discover one another?  How do they conduct background research about their potential business partners before actually contacting them offline and/or online? Is face-to-face interaction at industry events such as Mihas is sufficient for them to do business with one another? Can technology play an important role in easing the halal business matching process to some extent?
Well, these are some of the questions I have been thinking a lot ever since I came back from Mihas 2019 a few months ago.  The industry players operating in the global Islamic economy need to have more brand awareness.  They need to educate themselves and their employees on how to create bigger and better brands that are easily recognizable by their target customers. They need to have a virtual and physical presence in various countries if they really want to capture business opportunities in the global halal industry effectively.
Of course, you need to know that having an online presence is not sufficient for you as a company to attract the right type of business partners in our target markets. You need to know much more than that to capture these customers.

Best Business Matching Method?

What is the best way to do business matching?  Maybe, by attending tradeshows or by meeting one another or corresponding with another?  There are quite a few methods to reach your target customers.  The easiest way to expand your business in foreign countries might be to network with people from similar backgrounds who are operating in similar industries. However, the problem is that not everyone can attend these events due to various reasons such as visa issues, cost and time involved in actually going to these trade shows and the like.
Helping small businesses operating in the halal ecosystem in various countries is important for the overall growth of the industry globally. Halal Biz is uniquely positioned to provide an online platform to potential halal business partners to know one another, do some background checks about their target companies operating in the global halal industry and, eventually, find business partners of their choice.

Why Is Halal Business Matching Important?

  • Most of the halal industry players are new entrants to the industry 
  • They do not have many big brands in the global halal industry to emulate to
  • Due to language and cultural differences, not many small businesses can easily establish business relationships with potential business partners in the overseas markets
  • They need to keep abreast of the latest market trends in their respective industries
  • They need to meet new potential business partners from different regions/countries

Forms Of Halal Business Matching

How do you connect with potential business partners in your industry?

  • Trade shows/conferences
  • Face to face business matching meetings/events
  • Online research about your target industries/potential business partners

Why is online business matching important?

Online business matching sites such as Halal Biz are important because they provide you a detailed introduction of your potential business partners before you even contact them while sitting in the comfort of your home or office. You do not have to spend a dime to do so. Just explore the industry in broader terms first before targetting any specific company in your industry. 
Create an effective online presence by providing as much information as possible so that your potential business partners from different markets may do basic research before even contacting you.


We, the players in the global halal industry, have to really get up to the speed and organize ourselves if we are serious about expanding our halal businesses globally. We need to have a better understanding of one another if we want to find the right type of business partners in the right markets. It is our intent, as a premier halal business matching platform, to address some of the issues and concerns raised in the above lines.
We invite you to become our member, engage with your potential business partners and start growing your halal business. 
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