Comey Traders, A Food Beverages, Health Supplements Company From Malaysia

Today, we are excited to introduce to you another partner company based in Malaysia.  C.O.M.E.Y TRADER  was incorporated in September 2018. There are only 2 Partners in this company which are  Mr. Zulkarnain bin Zakaria and  me Aidayu Abd Jalil  

Main Business: We are Trading Company that supplying food beverages  & health supplements as below:
1 ) HI FIBRE COFFEE   - our coffee not only can drink but its functions for massage & a face mask
 2) STINGLESS BEE HONEY- contains phenolic that increase antioxidant content as well as it can decrease oxidative stress-related disease 
3 ) THAI SAUCE & PASTE (ready to cook)-no shortcuts or fancy ingredients but all 100% natural raw material 
4) NATURAL FRUIT VINEGAR -100 %  local fruits (Nephelium lappaceum and magnesium domesticum corr).Its great in salad and cooking as well
5) INSTANT LENG CHEE KANG TEA- local dried fruits & edible seed prepared in a teabag that ready to consume instantly 
6) CORDYCEPS (health supplements)- helps to improve Pancreatic function and reduce blood sugar.
7) HIMAX 5 -high alkaline and minerals to stabilize sugar level, blood pressure  and to reduce cholesterol level 
So far during MIHAS event organized by MATRADE in April this year, we had offered our products to USA, Korea, Russia, and China 
comey suuplements


We are not looking for any particular countries in promoting our product as we are open to all countries that welcome our premium products.
We are happy to share our products to the world as we give the best than others can offer especially for the halal Muslim market.
We are here to offer the global market our rare cum premium products that you can't find elsewhere and to ensure that a continual sales in place.
We are most  welcome customers to be our business partners as we do believe that our products can give the best  satisfaction to customer needs 
with no regrets and we also offer unbeatable prices.
compey products


We would like to promote our products to the global Muslim market and others and to expose our brand's awareness.
We strongly believe customers will love our products because we only offer the best to our customers.
We look forward to sharing with you our products images & promotional videos for your kind perusal 
Please find our company Logo as attached below 

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