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The Halal Times is pleased to offer you an exclusive membership to the world`s most comprehensive Halal Business Matching platform.  You will get the following benefits immediately after you join us as a member.

What Will You Get As An Exclusive Member?

  1. B2B Halal Business Matching Directory membership
  2. Access to Buying Leads where you could find potential buyers from around the globe
  3. Sales leads whereby you could offer your products/services to other members  and visitors of the platform from all over the world
  4. We connect both buyers and sellers globally
  5. Information about trade shows/events happening on any of the global Islamic Economy sectors

What Will The Halal Times For You?

  1. Members` Account: Create a members account for your company so that you can start uploading your company information along with the product details
  2. Social Media Campaign For Your Company: Once we set up the account, we will start promoting your company on various social media channels
  3. Promotion of your products via newly-launched Youtube channel
  4. Promotion Via Mail Magazine: We send your company information along with the product details to the potential customers via mail magazine.
  5. Interview With Your President: We invite your president for an exclusive interview about your company business and the products you offer and your plans for the international markets
  6. Co-Promotion Activities To Enhance Your Reach To International Markets: We publish your press releases both on www.halalbiz.com and www.halaltimes.com


What Do You Need To Do To become a Member of the Halal Business Matching Platform?

Just send us an email message by showing your interest and we will do the rest.  Click on the following link to send the email message.

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Annual Membership Charges: US$299

The charges for the exclusive membership to the world`s most comprehensive platform are US$299 on an annual basis. 



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