Food Manufacturers Need To Focus On Halal Baby Food Market

Malaysian and other halal food manufacturers have been making inroads in various international markets for quite some time now. The Jakim-certified halal food companies have been selling their products in all parts of the world. However, one noticeable gap we see is that not many of these manufacturers have focused on the fast-growing halal baby food market internationally.  The global halal baby food market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.10% until 2023. Currently, it is a $5.1 billion market worldwide.

Main Drivers of The Halal Baby Food Market Growth Globally

The main drivers attributing to the recent growth of the halal baby food market are as follows.
  • The Muslim population is increasing and so is their disposable income worldwide
  • Muslim parents are demanding more choices, tastes for their new-born babies
  • Baby food sales are growing annually over 9% worldwide
  • More Muslim women are entering into workforce thus finding it difficult to breastfeed their babies or make baby food for the new-born themselves
  • Consumers in the Middle East, Asia and even in Africa are demanding more choices in the halal baby food segment of the food & beverage market
  • Even some non-Muslim parents are now preferring halal baby food due to its organic nature and purity of the ingredients manufacturers are supposed to use in preparing the halal baby food
  • The extended family system is crippling worldwide thus diminishing the chance for grandparents and other relatives to prepare food for new-born babies even among Muslims
  • Multinationals and other baby food manufacturers are marketing their baby food products aggressively thus compelling even Muslim consumers to arrange baby food for their newborn kids
  • Consumers are becoming more quality conscious in choosing baby food
  • The number of halal baby food products in the market is limited thus there is a lot of room for growth in this sector

Potential In The Halal Baby Food Market

The halal baby food market has great potential as there is a market gap in these segments. As is quite obvious from the aforementioned data that the global halal food market is largely served by multinationals such as Nestle and Heinz etc. However, due to the increasing demand in halal baby food sectors recently, they have started focusing on the production and distribution of their products targeted to Muslim babies globally. However, there is a lot of room for growth for a newer player which is a specialist in the halal baby food market instead of being a generalist

What You Need To Do To Enter Into The Halal Baby Food Market

In fact, entering into the halal baby food market may not be that different from that of entering into halal food & beverage market. If you are new to this industry, you need to do the following.

Recommended Marketing Strategy

  • Discuss opportunities in the halal baby food sector before entering into it
  • Carefully target which market(s) you want to start offering your products
  • Assess the existing landscape of the segment to get a deeper understanding of where and how you fit in. You need to know how you can differentiate yourself from the existing players in the segment.
  • Devise a comprehensive marketing and social media strategy to market your halal baby food products
  • Source alternative ingredients to  gelatine and other haram ingredients to make sure that you use halal ingredients only
  • Make sure that you follow the international baby food standards and trends so that you can reap the advantage of the emphasis on organic movement going on internationally
  • Get a halal certification from a reliable certification that is internationally recognized. Make sure that you never ever use haram ingredients in any of your offerings. Otherwise, you may ruin your chances of becoming a strong player in the target market

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