How Can You Grow Your Modest Fashion Brand As An Online Retailer?

What do you need to know about the rise of the modest fashion industry? How can you grow your modest fashion brand as an online retailer? The new trends show that Muslims are embracing modest dressing in droves. Even non-Muslims are supporting this industry as is evident from an article published in The Halal Times. The term “modest fashion” on Google shows 149 million search results in November 2019.

Even prominent newspapers like The New York Times and Independent published full-length articles on this trendy topic recently. People from all creeds and backgrounds now prefer using long clothes to cover their bodies. The modest fashion industry is no longer a fad. Now it has become a mainstream trend which is set to rise and rise in the years to come.

Modest fashion, once a niche market now has mainstream consciousness. All that is great for us as businesses catering to the needs of modest fashion consumers all over the world. According to the State Of the Global Islamic Economy report 2019, the modest fashion market size is expected to reach £266bn by the year 2023.

This industry is being driven by a young and cosmopolitan consumer who demands coverage in accordance with her faith while refusing to settle at anything less than stylish. Muslim women are committed to modest fashion for a higher reason.

There can be regional variations in style. However, the needs of modern young women will take the driving seat in shaping this industry.

What is the meaning of modest fashion? Who are the target customers of this industry? Who uses modest dressing? Is the industry meant for Muslim consumers only? Well, all these questions are important.  We need to address them in this article. let us handle them one by one.

How Can You Grow Your Modest Fashion Brand As An Online Retailer?

Why Is The Modest Fashion Industry So Popular?

Thanks to the rise of disposable income in Muslim majority countries, young Muslim women want fashionable clothes that suit the norms of their cultural backgrounds and effectively meet their religious obligations as well.  Social media has played an important role in spreading the word about the industry and the varying designs it offers to the end-users. Modest fashion designers and social media influencers decided to fill the gap by using their platforms. They introduced their own online stores.

What Is The Meaning Of “Modest Fashion”?

According to Wikipedia, ” The term modest fashion or modest dressing refers to a fashion trend in women of wearing less skin-revealing clothes, especially in a way that satisfies their spiritual and stylistic requirements for reasons of faith, religion or personal preferences”.

What Do You Need To Grow Your Modest Fashion Brand Online?

Understand the latest trends in the modest fashion industry. Reach out to potential importers from your target markets to get a better idea of what kind of modest dressing they are looking for to serve their customers? Your website should serve as a go-to platform for all her needs. Use modern web design to display style Use high-resolution photographs of modest fashion models to show that this design is for modern, young women of all creeds and geographical


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