How To Market Halal Products To Generation Z?

We, the marketing and sales folks working for companies that sell halal products and services all over the world, are constantly thinking of ways to reach out to more and more target customers. In fact, as sound business people, this is the most important thing we have to do in our working lives. However, to take our companies` sales activities to the next level in the coming years or even decades, we have to understand the fundamental differences in how we market halal products to various generations. Every generation is unique in their ways. They have different wants and needs. Their needs change as they grow older. Generation Z is no exception. Today, we want to discuss how we can tailor our halal products and services to suit the preferences of Generation Z.

But, what age is Gen Z? How can we tailor our marketing efforts to reach out to them? Why is it important for us, as savvy halal businesses,  to understand the characteristics of this generation? We will try to address all these questions and more in this blog post.

How To Market Halal Products To Generation Z?

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is the people born between 1995 and 2010. This is the very first generation who is truly digital natives. They have spent almost all their lives playing with laptops, iPods, smartphones. and Chromebooks. On average, they consume almost 9 hours of media every single day.  They spend most of their time, texting, surfing, tweeting, googling, tagging, posting, linking, pinning, poking, friending, streaming and sharing the content that interests them the most.

In most of the Muslim-majority markets, the average age of people is under 30 years of age. In Pakistan, the average is 23 years while in Bangladesh, the median age is 26 years.  It means there is a huge market in these and so many other Muslim countries. Even the Muslims who are living in non-Muslim majority countries tend to have more children than their counterparts in the country they are living in.

For savvy halal businesses, all over the world. the opportunity is huge and they have to get themselves ready to grab this potential. Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce.  They either have the money or soon to have the money to spend their lives the way they want and the pursuits they want to follow. The generation is expected to account for 40% of all consumer markets by 2020. Their spending power is increasing day by day.  So what are the strategies you should employ to attract Gen Z to your halal brands?

What Are The Marketing Strategies To Attract Generation Z Consumers?

Let us list up the marketing strategies we need to deploy to attract Generation Z consumers.

  • Have a purpose in your halal business apart from making money. Gen Z cares about environmental, political and socio-economic issues. They are more serious about these issues than any other generation living on the face of the earth. Market your halal brand to solve any of the above-mentioned problems. Your halal products should be eco-friendly and socially responsible.
  • Generation Z is the most entrepreneurial generation. They do not care about big brands. 61% of this generation wants to start their own business right out of college. They do not believe much in formal education. They know how much can be learned and earned online. To attract this generation to your halal brand, emphasize entrepreneurial qualities such as determination and resilience.
  • Gen Z does not care about big brands. To get business from them, try to create meaningful interactions with them
  • Communicate with Gen Z in a personalized way as they do not trust mass marketing. Instead of writing the flowery language in your marketing messages, try to write ad copies in a more relaxed and relatable manner. have meaningful interactions with this generation so that they could become your halal brand ambassadors.
  • Use the latest mobile technologies to attract this generation as they spend massive amounts of time on their smartphones. According to a survey conducted by IBM, 75% of Generation Z use these devices to connect to the world.
  • Connect the Gen Z on social networks they use the most. Surprisingly, they believe that Facebook is too old in style. Instead, they use Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to get news and express themselves.
  • Use video to promote your halal brand as they use more video than older generations
  • Highlight your dedication to privacy as they are keen to protect it at any cost.
  • Aggressively partner with micro-influencers to spread your halal branding message

What Are The Challenges You Could Face Marketing To Gen Z?

Marketing to Gen Z poses its own unique set of challenges. What are these challenges and how you could handle them?  let us try to answer these questions one by one.

Generation Z Has A Short Attention Span

Generation Z has an attention span of 8 seconds. It means you will have about 8 seconds to grab their attention. As a savvy marketer of your halal brand, your marketing content should be captivating enough to keep their attention within this short attention span.

They are very direct in their communications with one another and with various brands. You`ve got only 8 seconds to convince them to buy your halal product.

Generation Z Has More devices Than You Could Think Of

Generation Z was born in the Internet age. They have the highest number of technological devices. That is the reason they are constantly jumping from one device to another. Your job as a halal brand manager is to offer them a seamless experience across al branding platforms no matter which device they use.

Generation Z Is Very Vocal

They are bold. they are confident and they express their opinion very openly. If they do not like your ad they will tell you straight away. They will not hesitate to share their opinion about a halal brand on social media channels as well. Your duty as a marketer is to keep them engaged, understand their requirements by constantly interacting with them the way they want you to and tailor your marketing messages to suit their personalized needs.


Marketing your halal brand to Generation Z is in no way going to be easy. You, as a savvy halal business owner have to understand their unique requirements, gain a better understanding of how and where they spend their time and how they react to various marketing messages. It is going to be an interesting journey for you as a marketer. The better you learn about this generation, the more you will be successful as a halal brand in the years and decades to come.

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