How to market your halal business in 2020 & beyond?

How to market your halal business in 2020 & beyond? The question has become all the more important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in different parts of the world. The post-coronavirus era requires a different skillset to market your halal business. 

In our professional career, while providing halal business consulting & marketing advice to the countless number of halal businesses all over the world, we have noticed that most of the halal business owners do not fully understand the mechanics of how international businesses are done these days.

How To Market Your Halal Business In 2020 & Beyond?

How can you find potential customers faster than ever? How can you get ready for the digital era in 2020 and beyond? How can you use digital marketing to increase your sales exponentially? How do your prospective customers find you to do business with you? Do you try to reach your potential customers by offering your halal products on your website properly? If they can not find you, how will they do business with you?

In this age and time, the best way to find new customers for any business in a far off land is to try to search for it online. For a prospective business partner, there are two things absolutely essential if they want to find you online. First, is he able to find your business on Google easily? Second, even if he is able to find your website easily, is he satisfied with the way you have presented your company and product information on the site? Unless he is satisfied with both, he or she will not bother to contact you in the first place. 

Most of the websites of the halal businesses we have seen so far are poorly designed. The content written on these sites is of poor quality. In most cases, it does not give the message a prospective B2B halal business customer should be getting. They try to use flowery language on their site which does not serve the purpose. You need to understand that your B2B website should be designed in a way that provides useful and important information about your halal business to your prospective customers even before they contact you.

As most of the halal businesses we have dealt with so far are used to serving b2c customers most of the time, their website reflects the same b2c focus and mindset. They do not really understand the vital difference between the two types of websites.

Some of the advice we are going to give in the following lines may be pretty old school. However, it still holds true in most cases. 

What Do Halal Businesses Need To Do To Expand Their Businesses Globally?

Halal businesses of all sizes and types need to do the following to become more visible to their target B2B customers worldwide

  • Get your website designed by a professional agency which truly understands the requirements of a b2b halal business which targets worldwide customers
  • Have a fully responsive website so that people with mobile devices can also access the site easily
  • Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to get ranked highly. Involve a professional agency which can help you get more search engine visibility by fine-tuning your website content
  • Find a professional writer who understands your business full well and can actually write appealing content to satisfy the ever-changing needs of your target customers in various countries
  • Make your website multilingual if you are targeting a market where most of the people do not understand English
  • Improve the look and feel of your website significantly so that a visitor is attracted to its content and actually contacts you to do business with you
  • Adopt an omnichannel strategy to promote your halal business. If you have a presence on Facebook, also create an account on Instagram. Try to generate some video content as well to attract an ever-increasing number of potential customers
  • Try to meet with your potential customers offline and online. Listen carefully to what their objections are and then follow up with them aggressively.

There are a lot of details about the above-mentioned points. Insha Allah, we hope to cover these topics in the coming blog posts. However, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions regarding any of the topics about international business. We have been dealing with international customers for more than two decades now. Our customer base resides in more than 100 countries. We may give you some useful advice on how to expand your halal business globally. Please contact us via email. You can reach us via

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