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The team at Smoocht, a promising halal ice cream maker based in Singapore and Malaysia, is making authentic halal ice cream for the world.  The claim may seem to look

CAREFOOD Company Profile Company Name: Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd. Founded: 1989, Kuala Lu

Halal Food Authority (HFA) is a UK based, independent and not-for-profit organisation which is part of a registered charity.

Elhajj Products Sdn Bhd specializes in supplying various Halal personal and skin care products available for use while performing ablution and being in the state of Ih

Our entire Islamic clothing range is designed to comply with Muslim dress code.

Anaya is a leading modest wear brand.

Hajj and Umra Express is a sister company of Travel Express which is a household name in the United Kingdom for providing efficient deals.

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