AsianMeals® Sauces for Food Service

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Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd
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Our main business line is to provide Restaurant Quality sauces for the Food Service or HORECA to meet the needs of Restaurants, Central Kitchens, Cruise Ships, Canteens etc for optimum productivity and minimum cost. 

We have over 350 sauces which encapsulates rich, sumptuous Asian flavours, be it Malay, Indian, Chinese, Nyonya, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean or Singaporean delights. AsianMeals® contains an extensive list of spicy curry pastes, stir fries, simmer sauces, salad dressings, soups, dips, marinades and condiments. With over 30 years of experience, all AsianMeals® export quality products are made in Malaysia with international qualifications such as HALAL by JAKIM, HACPP, ISO, and GMP as well as US FDA registered.

Consistent quality of menu items, all the time with AsianMeals® sauces.

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