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Halal Business Matching (HBM), a subsidiary of The Halal Times, wants to interview you or your president. We will publish this interview on our website immediately. 

Following are some of the questions we want to ask you about your company and your products.  Please give us detailed responses so that we can show more and more information about your company to your potential customers globally.

Interview questions for You or for Your President

  1. Could you please let us know a bit about yourself, your company background on how you got started with this business?
  2.  What are the products/services your company has been providing to your customers and for how long?
  3. Which countries are you already offering your products/services to?
  4. Which countries do you plan to find new customers from or what are your plans for global expansion?
  5. Why should customers choose you as a business partner instead of any of your competitors?
  6. Would you like to give any message to your potential business partners or customers in foreign countries? If yes, what would that be?
Please send us your company logo, your president photo, and a few images of your products so that we could use them to promote your company globally.  Please also send us any promotional video you may have made for your company. We want to upload it on video network as well. 

We plan to publish your interview on the Halal Business Matching platform. A good

We look forward to promoting your company and your products/services globally.

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We will show your interview and all the details about your company to customers form all over  the world. There are no hidden charges for this promotion service.

Our mission is to promote you & your Halal brand globally. Please contact us immediately.

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