Top 4 Ways To Compete With Bigger Halal Brands In 2020

Are you a small halal manufacturer trying to grow your halal business in local and overseas markets? Are your competitors already capturing big chunks of your target markets? In this article, we plan to highlight the most important marketing strategies you need to follow to compete with bigger halal brands in your target markets.

In conversations with small halal manufacturers in Malaysia and other parts of the world, we discuss this issue quite often. This is, perhaps, the number one difficulty these small halal businesses face while entering into other markets. How to compete with bigger halal brands that have more marketing resources and stronger brand loyalty in the minds of their customers. 

Let us dive into the strategies you can follow to compete with much bigger halal brands in your target geographical markets in 2020 and beyond.

Top 4 Ways To Compete With Bigger Halal Brands

  • Study the competition, their pricing, and marketing strategies thoroughly before jumping into your target market. Actively keeps an eye on your competitors, big and small to see how they are targeting their customers, what their marketing strategies are and how they are interacting with their customers regularly. What aspects of the customer service their customers seem to complain about? Keep in mind no company is perfect in all the aspects of their marketing strategy no matter how big or small they are. They do have some weaknesses which you can leverage to push your halal brand into your target market effectively.
  • Build personal relationships with your customers. Become a consultant to your target customers.  Listen to each and every one of your customer and their grievances. Dig deep enough to understand what their concerns are about your products, what they are trying to achieve by getting your product and/or service. Then try to provide a customized solution to what problem they are trying to solve by purchasing your product.

  • Focus on one specific halal niche. Do not try to be everything to everybody. Focus on a specific niche you can handle better than anyone else. That will send a clear signal to your target customers that you are a specialist in your market. Be the best in whatever you do as a small halal manufacturer.

  • Reach out to other small businesses to know how they are doing in their respective markets. Learn from their mistakes as much as from their successes. What their journey has been so far in the market you are trying to serve.


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