US: ISA Furthers Its Partnership with Beyond Meat®

Plant Based Meat

ISA Halal certification fits well with Beyond Meat’s domestic and international growth strategy.Halal consumers and vegetarians worldwide enjoy ISA Halal Certified Beyond Meat Burgers
Beyond Meat, burgers offer Halal consumers 35-55% less saturated fat than animal-based products

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Islamic Services of America (ISA) today announced the Halal certification of the latest iteration of the iconic Beyond Burger® from Beyond Meat® that began launching in U.S. grocery stores the week of May 3.

The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND), a leader in plant-based meat, is made from simple, plant-based ingredients without GMOs, bioengineered ingredients, soy, or gluten. Beyond Meat’s innovative product offerings begin the Halal certification process ahead of launch and the current full roster of products that have been certified to meet the Islamic Services of America’s Halal standards includes:

  • Beyond Burger® (retail + foodservice)
  • Beyond Beef® (retail + foodservice)
  • Beyond Beef® Crumbles (retail + foodservice)
  • Beyond Meatballs™ (retail)
  • Beyond Sausage® (retail + foodservice)
  • Beyond Breakfast Sausage® Patties (retail + foodservice)
  • Beyond Breakfast Sausage® Links (retail)
  • Beyond Sausage® Crumbles (foodservice)

Beyond Meat offers customers a tasty, nutritious plant-based option so that people can continue to eat what they love, like great-tasting burgers, no sacrifice required. Studies show that an increasing number of consumers worldwide, including in the Middle East, are incorporating plant-based meat into their diets, especially as the plant-based movement gains popularity among both younger and middle-aged generations.

“We are proud of our partnership with Beyond Meat’s corporate headquarters in the USA and for their confidence in entrusting ISA to lead their global Halal program,” says Timothy M. Hyatt, Vice President of ISA. “As one of their Halal certifiers for the past two years, we look forward to their continuing success and a long-lasting relationship.”

For consumers who prefer plant-based products, there is peace of mind in knowing that a third party has inspected ingredients and processes. Halal certification means that there are no animal-based additives and that there is more control against cross-contamination with any animal byproducts during processing, distribution, and storage.

The Beyond Meat facilities, processes, and product ingredients have been reviewed, approved, and certified for Halal compliance under ISA and per Islamic Law and International Assessment Standards. Halal certification enables Beyond Meat to offer products to over a billion Halal consumers worldwide and millions of plant-based consumers who appreciate the additional layer of oversight that Halal certification offers.

As of April 3, 2021, Beyond Meat products were available at approximately 118,000 retail and foodservice outlets in over 80 countries worldwide. To find Beyond Meat products near you, visit the Beyond Meat website.

About Islamic Services of America (ISA)

Established in 1975, ISA is an accredited and recognized global leader in Halal certification and auditing services with a team of regional offices, food science professionals, and industry experts in the USA and Canada. ISA certifies consumable and non-consumable products ranging from meat and poultry, flavors and ingredients, dairy, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics. For more information visit:


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